Tiffany Moon

From Manicures to Manure one girl’s journey from Suburbia to Arcadia…

I’m Tiffany Moon and I am sharing my story of leaving London for a New Life in the Country.  I was born in the depths of the heart of the countryside and after marriage and 30 years of living in London wanted to rediscover my country life.   I grew up on a farm and was brought up with an assortment of animals.  We had working Collies who lived outside, for the sheep and cows and then there were house dogs. When I was about 5 years of age Mummy gave me a whippet as a pet.  He was adorable but quite nervy.  Along with him we had an Alsation and a Great Dane.  When they went to the great Kennel in the Sky they were replaced at various times with Boxers, Jack Russells and Border Terriers. We had rabbits, horses and ponies and these animals played an essential part of my life as I grew up.  But interestingly my father who was the epitome of the Huntin’ Shootin’ Fishin’ fraternity never had a spaniel or a labrador.  I was quite young when I got married and celebrating our life together made sure we had dogs in the family.  My story of course involves my dogs and their antics in our new life in the country.

When I lived in London I regularly had my nails manicured and my hair coiffed.  I was always immaculately dressed and other than when walking the dogs I only ever wore high heeled shoes or boots.  Moving to the country the heels have been replaced by wellies or trainers and if I get to visit the hairdresser or the nail salon once in a blue moon I’m lucky!